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Portraits of People... Friends, Commissions and Interesting Characters

V Adm Woody Woodburne 1995 Oils (910 x 760)

V Adm Woody Woodburne, 1995 Oils (910 x 760)

V Adm Woodburne retired as Chief of the South African Navy in 1995. He is a keen diver and this was a portrait of him on his last dive in the Navy, just prior to his retirement. It was commissioned by the Divers and presented to him at a private party on the beach somewhere in Simon's Town. I tried to capture his ruggedness, approachability and great personality. He remains a close friend of the SA Navy and very special Naval Officer.

General Spruyt, 1999 Oils (760 x 508)

General Spruyt, 1999 Alkyds(760 x 610)

General Spruyt was a Boer general in the Anglo Boer War (1899 - 1902). Family members commissioned me to paint his from a rapidly fading photograph to present it to the SA Army College where paintings of all Boer generals hang. Two years later it still has not been presented and I suspect that it has stayed in their home.


Capt Bill Rice 2000 Alkyds (762 x 609)

A hot summer's day in Simon's Town and Capt Bill Rice suffering in his No 1 uniform...
This hasn't been presented to him yet, it was commissioned by his wife as a retirement gift and I hope to see is face when he gets it in a few weeks time.

The Harbourmaster 1997 Oils (960 x 762)

"The Harbourmaster" 1999 Oils(910 x 760)

Cdr Bob Hind retired as the Simon's Town Naval Harbourmaster and was presented with this portrait as a farewell gift. I tried to capture Bob's weatherbeaten face and the environment which he loved so much... tugs, his office building and the harbour itself. It was interesting trying to fit everything in, but I think it works.

Capt Derek Law, 1995 Alkyds (910 x 760)

Capt Derek Law, 1997 Oils(910 x 760)

Capt Derek Law left his command, the SAS PROTEA in 1994 to take up his present appointment as the SA Navy Hydrographer. Besides being the SA Navy's hydrographic survey vessel, the SAS PROTEA did a number of trips to Antarctica in support of the SANAE base. I thought that the ship looked particularly dramatic against the backdrop of the blue ice cliffs and Derek looks freezing on the bridge. Yep, he cried too.

Capt Joe Johnson 2000 Watercolour (400 x 290)

This watercolour was presented to Capt Joe Johnson (no relation) when he left Naval HQ for a post in the Western Cape. It worked well and I captured his likeness and character, despite the sunglasses blocking most of the face.

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